Unveiling the Legacy of David Collins Studio with Joseph Troughton

Joseph Troughton

-Join us as we sit down with Joseph Troughton from David Collins Studio, uncovering the captivating journey of this iconic design powerhouse. From the serendipitous meeting between founders David Collins and Ian Watson in 1985 to their groundbreaking projects for culinary greats like Pierre Kaufman, Marco Pierre White, and Gordon Ramsay, Joseph takes us through the studio’s early days and his own path to becoming an associate designer. We also revisit some of the studio’s most memorable projects, including the legendary Blue Bar.

As we navigate the studio’s evolution, Joseph opens up about the profound impact of David Collins’ passing and how the team has honored his legacy while forging a new path under the leadership of Simon and Ian. Emotional moments, resilience, and dedication to maintaining core design principles shine through as we discuss the studio’s transformation and their unwavering commitment to creating unique and meaningful architectural languages tailored to their clients.

We also dive into the studio’s global collaborations and design innovations, highlighting their hands-on approach and the integration of local craftsmanship into international projects. Joseph shares insights on rotating design teams to ensure fresh perspectives and the importance of drawing inspiration from diverse fields. Plus, listen in for a sneak peek into some exciting upcoming projects, career advice for aspiring designers, and a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of David Collins.