Unveiling the Duvall’s Architectural and Design Magic: From Dreams to Reality

Duvall’s Architectural and Design Magic

Ready to embark on a journey through the world of design and architecture with an inspiring couple? John and Sherri Duvall from Duvall Atelier join us to share their unique story, revealing the delicate harmony they’ve achieved while wearing many hats – as a married couple, business partners, and respected professionals in two distinct sectors. Join us as we peek inside the Duvall Atelier showroom, a testament to Sherri’s flair for combining classic and modern styles, and learn how John’s extensive knowledge of construction enriches their collaborative endeavors.

Our conversation takes a fascinating turn as we delve into their immense contribution to Elliot Nelson’s mission of creating a speakeasy-style restaurant. We dive into the challenges they faced and the creative solutions they employed to bring this vision to life, all while navigating the shifting sands of the design industry over the past two decades. From the rise of social media to the pandemic’s impact on how people perceive their homes, we touch on various aspects while highlighting the Duvalls’ empathetic approach to managing client relationships and differing perspectives.

In the last leg of our chat, we explore the wellsprings of inspiration that keeps the Duvalls motivated in their work and business. They share how travel and nature fuel their creativity, and how the design industry’s evolution in Northeastern Oklahoma since their graduation in the mid-90s continues to shape their professional trajectory. Further, we take you on a virtual tour of the Oklahoma Showroom that perfectly encapsulates their design ethos. So, whether you’re an aspiring designer or an aficionado of design and architecture, this episode promises a wealth of insights and inspiration. So come along, as we go Beyond the Design with the Duvalls.