Unfolding the Magic of Lucas Interior Studio

Lucas Interior Studio

On this enlightening edition of Beyond the Design, we’re joined by Susie and David Lucas from Lucas Interior Studio, who share their remarkable journey into the design industry. As siblings working together, they share an inspiring story that began from humble beginnings and transformed into the creation of their own thriving business. Listen in as they discuss the vital role mentorship played in their careers and the challenges they navigated on their path to success. They also talk about their experiences of starting and managing a design business together, bringing their individual strengths to the table.

We continue the conversation, exploring their unique approach to the interior design process and how they collaborate to create a cohesive vision for each project. Hear how they maintain a delicate balance between respecting the architecture and introducing their signature aesthetic elements. They also share their exciting current and upcoming projects, from remodeling a house in La Jolla to working on a massive 12,000 square foot addition for a client who loves to entertain.

In the final segment, Susie and David open up about their motivation, the creative process, and their commitment to designs that stand the test of time. They discuss the importance of taking risks and how they find inspiration in collaboration with architects and other artists. Moreover, they share how their passion for design and strategic use of social media have opened unexpected opportunities and propelled the growth of their business. So tune in, get inspired, and take away valuable insights from this dynamic duo’s journey in the design industry.