Tracing the Creative Journey of Basile Studio with Ashley Evans

Ashley Evans

-Unlock the secrets of design evolution with the visionary head of Design at Basile Studio, Ashley Evans, as she shares the enthralling transformation of their design practice. From humble beginnings in furniture making to the mastery of full-scale design, build, and fabrication, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. Listen to the tales of pivoting from artistry to licensed general contracting, and be inspired by the whimsical yet pragmatic spaces crafted for renowned establishments like Born and Raised and Morning Glory. We also discover Basile Studio’s foray into residential design, bringing their trademark aesthetic to the houses of San Diego.

Prepare to be invigorated by the creative fountain that keeps Basile Studio at the forefront of design innovation. You’ll get an exclusive look into their distinctive method of distilling trends into timeless, raw-material masterpieces. We recount the challenges and victories of upholding a brand’s identity while pushing the boundaries of budget and innovation, from the iconic Born and Raised to the industrial chic of Puesto projects. The studio’s in-house fabrication expertise and their ambitious future endeavors, including owning and operating restaurants they’ve designed, add layers of excitement to this behind-the-scenes journey.

As we bid farewell to Ashley, we reflect on the resilience and growth of Basile Studio, especially in the face of adversity. We explore the studio’s commitment to sustainability, not just as an environmental concept but as a sustainable business practice that prioritizes longevity and efficiency. We also celebrate their recent projects, such as the Basel Wilson development, which fuels their passion for design. Join us for this episode as we honor the studio’s past triumphs and toast to the bright future that lies ahead for Ashley and her talented team.