The Heart and Soul of Interior Design – A Conversation with Sallie Lord

Sallie Lord

Step into the vivacious world of interior design with our guest, Sallie Lord, the creative mind behind GreyHunt Interiors. This episode illuminates Sallie’s lifelong love for design, a spark ignited by her father’s influence as a master builder. Experience her entrepreneurial journey as she successfully navigates the design terrain in diverse cities such as DC and Indianapolis, all while ensuring her clients are at the heart of every design decision she makes.

Sallie generously lends insights into her signature aesthetic that successfully marries color pops and livable luxury. She discusses the unique challenges of working in DC and Indianapolis, reflecting on her design adaptability. Get ready to be regaled by the tale of a demanding project in Austin, Texas that tested her creativity and resilience. Sallie passionately talks about design trends, enlightening us on the transformative power of lighting, and the art of turning a house into a home.

In the concluding part of our conversation, Sallie discusses her love for product design, revealing her aspirations to expand into designing wallpaper, carpets, and other products. She reflects on the evolution of her style and the significance of enjoying the creative process. A testament to her growth mindset, Sallie expresses her commitment to continually challenge herself in her work. Whether you’re an interior design aficionado or just keen on acquiring unique insights from a seasoned expert, this insightful conversation with Sallie Lord is a must-listen.