The Evolution of a Design Marvel: MJ Coyle’s Creative Endeavors

MJ Coyle

Listen in as we welcome the talented interior designer, MJ Coyle, known for his prominent role on HGTV’s ‘Good Bones.’ Join us as he shares his inspiring journey from working for West Elm to being a celebrated name in the Midwest design industry. With captivating stories about his initial challenges, unexpected opportunities, and his experience on ‘Good Bones,’ MJ gives us a real glimpse into his world. We discuss his decision to leave the show after eight successful years, emphasizing the importance of leaving at the top and maintaining one’s brand identity.

Get inspired as we explore the exciting process of creating bespoke living spaces. MJ Coyle talks about starting his own business, understanding client preferences, and maintaining a unique vision. We explore the intriguing balance of incorporating client desires while still staying true to his own aesthetic. Uncover the design trends and inspirations that motivate MJ in his field. He also speaks passionately about working with local vendors and how he plans to remain a force in the Midwest design scene.

The conversation concludes with a peek into MJ’s future projects. From creating a design book to entering the art world and offering custom painting services, MJ is determined to make design luxury accessible to everyone. We also discuss his dedication to his hometown, Indianapolis, and his belief in its potential as a hub for self-growth and creativity. Tune in for an engaging and enlightening episode with the creative powerhouse, MJ Coyle.