The Essence of Bespoke Living Spaces with Designer Victoria Sass

Victoria Sass

-Step into the visionary world of Victoria Sass, the mastermind behind Prospect Refuge Studio, and delve into a story of unwavering dedication and creative evolution. On Beyond the Design, we uncover how Victoria’s high school dreams blossomed into a flourishing business, despite an unforgiving economic climate. Her narrative is one of courageous design choices, seamlessly marrying the legacy of historical homes with the demands of contemporary life. Listen as she reveals how a strong conceptual narrative is the cornerstone of her work, weaving together the distinct tastes of her clients with her artistic vision.

Navigating the peculiarities of space and client aspirations, Victoria imparts her philosophy that design is far more than aesthetics—it’s a path to transforming one’s destiny. Our exchange peels back the layers of her design process, illustrating the rule that no element should repeat, ensuring each space tells its own story. Victoria’s collaborative approach invites clients into the heart of creation, building a design that unfolds with each decision, rather than presenting a finished canvas from the outset.

This episode also steps out into the broader landscape of Midwestern design, where Victoria’s studio is pioneering a style reflective of the region’s values: economical, durable, and rich in heritage. As we anticipate the launch of a new lighting collection that promises to embody this ethos, we also explore how objects like lighting enrich our lives through intimate interaction. Join us for an exploration of design that transcends the conventional, where the magic of collaboration and the influence of diverse architectural styles converge, painting a future where personalized spaces become the canvases of our lives.