The Art of Transformation with Sara Story

Sara Story

-There’s a moment when you meet someone whose career leap has not just been successful, but truly transformative. That’s the feeling I got sitting across from Sara Story, the vibrant interior designer whose transition from marketing to design is as captivating as the spaces she creates. Our conversation takes you through Sara’s early days in the Big Apple, her tutelage under Victoria Hagen, and how she weaves psychology into the tapestry of her designs. Sara’s approach to interior design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a deep understanding of the psychological comfort that spaces need to provide. Her passion for art and lighting is a beacon that guides her work, and she opens up about the personal touches that make each project memorable.

As someone who appreciates a good design challenge, Sara recounts the colorful journey of taking on projects that stretch her imagination. She shares the tale of her Austin, Texas, project that was a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors, pushing her creative boundaries. Sara also offers a glimpse into her literary side with her book “Art of Home,” where her reflections and insights spring from the pages, offering an intimate look at her design philosophy. Peering into the future, Sara’s ambitions unfold as she expresses a desire to design boutique hotels and restaurants, spaces where community and comfort converge.

Wrapping up the episode, we brush on the nuances of lighting and how it can redefine a room’s ambiance, a testament to Sara’s meticulous attention to every detail. She speaks on the adaptability required in her field, as she tailors her designs to resonate with regional tastes from Texas to New York. Sara also delves into the modern dynamics of client engagement, propelled by technology and social media, and shares her strategies for managing the inflated expectations they sometimes bring. She caps off our discussion with invaluable advice for aspiring designers about the importance of mentorship and business savvy in crafting a successful career in interior design. To continue being inspired by Sara’s work, follow her on Instagram at Sarastorydesign or take a moment to browse her portfolio on her website.