The Art of Interior Design with Barclay Butera

Barclay Butera

-Join the conversation with Barclay Butera, the interior design maestro who traded law books for fabric swatches and never looked back. In a candid chat, Butera recounts his ascent from the foundational influence of his mother’s design firm to establishing a design empire that marries elegance with comfort. He pulls back the curtain on the unique challenges of crafting model homes and the exhilaration of nurturing licensing partnerships. As we traverse Butera’s creative landscape, he illuminates the influences that feed his design philosophy, from the allure of travel to the glamour of the silver screen. He even gives us a tantalizing preview of his latest collection, Villa Blanca – a testament to his ever-evolving aesthetic finesse.

Our episode traverses more than just Barclay’s professional milestones; it taps into the rich tapestry of experiences that shape an iconic designer. Butera shares his anticipation for the upcoming Salone in Milan, a hallmark of design innovation, and reflects on the pivotal moments that allowed him to spread his wings beyond the family business. The discussion wades into the deep waters of client relationships and the balancing act of aesthetics, where symmetry meets soulful art and every flooring choice sets the stage. Barclay’s narrative culminates in a transformative tale of a project that brought a Chinese couple’s dreams to life, showcasing the emotive power of a design reveal.

The episode wraps with a behind-the-scenes look into the world of publishing exquisite design books. Barclay unfolds the mosaic of commitment and detail that goes into capturing the visual story of a space, and his work with publisher Gibbs Smith. His latest book, “The New Traditional,” serves as a beacon for those who seek timeless elegance wrapped in modern sensibilities. Rounding out the discussion, Barclay imparts wisdom on his hands-on approach to product lines and offers pearls of wisdom for both budding designers and homeowners yearning to inject their spaces with personality. With Barclay’s guidance, the transformative potential of just the right textile or wallpaper becomes palpable, marking the episode as a gateway to inspiration for listeners who appreciate the confluence of experience and passion in design.