Story of Craftsmanship: Mark Jupiter’s Journey in Furniture Design

Mark Jupiter

Join us on Beyond the Design, where we chat with renowned craftsman Mark Jupiter, who shares the inspiring story of his journey from home building to becoming one of the best furniture designers in the country. Discover how he established his successful wood shop in Brooklyn, using reclaimed wood and other unique materials to create striking pieces of furniture. You’ll get a glimpse into his creative process, from the initial concept discussions with clients to the final sign-off on the project and learn about some of his most challenging and rewarding projects.

Listen in as we discuss the art of craftsmanship and how raw materials are transformed into beautiful, functional pieces. We discuss the challenges and the importance of problem-solving when dealing with large projects. You’ll hear about one such project where Mark had to coordinate the shipping of marble from a pandemic-hit Spain to create a 40-foot-long conference table. 

Mark and I also explore the topic of motivation in design. We touch upon the idea of a collective unconscious in design and how it is reflected in Mark’s work. Mark shares his insights on the importance of having a partner or collaborator and what drives him to create. He also gives his advice for aspiring craftsmen, emphasizing the importance of hard work and commitment. Finally, we celebrate his 10-year anniversary running his successful wood shop and discuss his plans for the future. This episode is a must-listen for anyone passionate about design and craftsmanship.