Navigating from Business to Design: A Conversation with Kate Lester

Kate Lester

Join us for an unconventional conversation with interior design maven, Kate Lester. This episode uncovers Kate’s unexpected transition from a business graduate to becoming a renowned interior designer. Hear the unfiltered tale of her bold decision to leave the corporate world behind and embrace a challenging path towards fulfilling her passion. Get inspired by her commitment to learning, working in various roles, and leveraging her business background to succeed in the creative field.

Kate Lester is not just any interior designer – imagine a trendsetter and conversation starter rolled into one. With a process that defies the cookie-cutter designs, she pushes clients beyond comfort zones to create spaces that truly stand out. Hear her insights on current interior design trends and be convinced of the importance of investing in original art and classic materials. Kate dusts off the mystique around design concepts, emphasizing the significance of presenting them in an awe-inspiring manner. It’s about driving the design while respecting the client’s input.

Venture to the business side of design as Kate reveals her experiences in running her retail stores and developing her product line. Learn the essence of treating every project as your magnum opus. From the inspiration behind her product line to her ambition of having it in retail stores, Kate’s story is an exemplary blend of creativity and business acumen. Her journey paints a compelling picture for aspiring designers and creative entrepreneurs, making this episode an irresistible listen. Tune in and get ready to be thoroughly inspired and informed.