Mastering Interior Design with Sarah Rosenhaus

Sarah Rosenhaus

Have you ever wondered how a childhood love for rearranging home spaces can evolve into a successful career in design? Join me as I sit down with California-based designer, Sarah Rosenhaus, who transformed her early passion into a thriving interior design business. As we unravel Sarah’s journey, you’ll hear about her beginnings from rearranging her grandmother’s home to working with architecture firms and European design giants, Vitra. We’ll explore her daring leap into establishing her own design firm and the exhilarating ride it has been.

One of the most intriguing aspects of interior design lies in the process and the dynamics with clients. Tune in to a comprehensive discussion where Sarah and I exchange thoughts on maintaining focus when clients seem to be pulled in all directions. We talk about the delicacy of avoiding over-designing, the importance of narrative, and the subtle elegance of quiet and tonal spaces. You’ll get a peek into my personal design taste and how it mirrors my identity and drives my creativity. Even more, Sarah will share insights on working with undecided clients and her effective strategies in guiding them.

We shift gears to explore the essence of client relationships and the vital role of trust. Sarah’s perspective on the benefits of differing viewpoints to understanding clients better is a fresh take. We touch on the DIY culture’s impact on the industry, Sarah’s traditionalist approach to her furniture collection, and her knack for staying abreast with industry trends and technology. Our conversation promises an enlightening look into the world of interior design that you won’t want to miss. Buckle up for this exciting episode!