Inside the Mind of a Furniture Innovator, Jake Szymanski

Jake Szymanski

Join us on a fascinating journey as we navigate the world of design with Jake Szymanski, the innovative mind behind the luxury furniture and home goods brand, Jake Szymanski. From growing up in the cultural richness of Nepal to founding a top-tier furniture company in New York, Jake unpacks his illustrious path, revealing what inspires his unique designs and offering a peek into his production studio. We delve into the process behind his inaugural collection and explore the motivation and inspiration driving his work.

This episode takes an exciting turn as we get personal with our guest, a renowned designer, who unwraps their journey, surprises, and experiences in the industry. From crafting their first piece to launching their latest collection, they open up about their approach to creating timeless designs, and their love for steel as a material. This conversation offers invaluable advice for those seeking to start a collection or venture into the design industry.

In the final segment, Jake indulges us with his love for ceramics, passion for creating large-scale products, and client appreciation. He reveals his plans for expanding his lighting collection and the creation of an antique component of his company. Get introduced to Jake’s new brand, Mr. Chapman, as he unveils his grand plans for the brand. We also chat about the ever-evolving dynamics of direct wholesale versus retail in design. Hop on this enriching conversation for an insider’s peak into the design industry, and the art of creating one-of-a-kind pieces.