Brian Paquette: A Creative Journey from Delivery to Design

Brian Paquette

In our conversation with renowned interior designer, Brian Paquette, we journey through his unique path to the world of interior design. Starting as a delivery driver and moving up to working for BNB Italia, Brian brings us along his fascinating exploration of the design world and his early realization of the importance of seizing opportunities when they come along. He shares his journey from college to Portland, Oregon, where he worked with his first client to create a more personal aesthetic reflective of their lifestyle. His design style, a mix of minimalism and maximalism, emphasizes the importance of comfort and functionality in design.

In the second part of our discussion, Brian opens up about his fondness for residential design and his approach to client relationships. Listen in as he shares details of his current projects, which include a family compound, a historic tutor, and two projects for a client in Rancho Mirage and East of Seattle. He also candidly talks about his experiences with opinionated clients and how he balances their needs with his own design aesthetic. He further delves into his inspirations for his books and how nature plays a vital role in shaping his creative process.

In the final segment of our chat, we get a glimpse into Brian’s ventures beyond interior design. He talks about his experience in designing furniture collections and his collaboration with Los Infen, which tripled their furniture line. He also shares his aspirations to get into the rug industry and his previous experiences with textiles and wallpaper. To round off the conversation, Brian discusses his marriage and how he manages the challenges of being married to a creative while also taking risks in his design work. Don’t miss out on his parting words and a sneak peek into his upcoming book.