Behind the Scenes: Erin Minckley’s Transition from Artistry to Entrepreneurship

Erin Minckley

Ever wondered about the artistry behind wallpaper? What story does each pattern tell? Join us as we peel back the layers with Erin Minckley, the mind behind the acclaimed Relativity Textiles. Erin shares the captivating journey that saw her transition from studying and teaching fiber and material studies at the revered School of the Art Institute of Chicago, to working in a wallpaper manufacturing facility, and eventually launching her own business.

Erin’s story is a testament to the magic that ensues when passion meets entrepreneurship. Her carefully crafted wallpapers, inspired by history and culture, have caught the eye of industry influencers and have featured on esteemed platforms including HGTV, Nate Berkis’ blog, and the Traditional Home Showcase House. Listen as Erin demystifies her creative process, from sketch to repeating patterns to final product, sharing the intricacies of considering the wallpaper roll and installer during creation. Erin also shares valuable insights on the importance of industry events, trade shows, and networking in growing his business.

The episode culminates with Erin’s evolution from a successful artist to a thriving entrepreneur, with her business generating over a million dollars in the past few years. She discusses her journey to overcome the stigma of self-promotion, her transition to e-commerce, and her ambitious plans for Relativity Textiles. If you’re an artist seeking to navigate the entrepreneurial world, or simply fascinated by the intersection of art and business, this conversation with Erin is a treasure trove of insights. Tune in to be inspired.