A Vision of Growth and Design with the Power Couple Behind Mohon Interiors

Mohon Interiors

-I’ll never forget the impact that one special house had on my career. It’s much like the story Marcus and Autumn Mohon share with us—a tale of how a shared passion for design and a sprinkle of serendipity led to the birth of Mohon Interiors. In this heartfelt chat, the dynamic duo opens up about their unique paths to success, merging creative instincts with economic savvy, and teaching with business management. They recount the resilience and passion necessary to navigate the interior design business, especially through its most trying times, offering a narrative that’s as inspiring as it is instructive.

Our conversation takes a candid look at the dance between the emotional pull of design aesthetics and the stark reality of business dynamics. The Mohons divulge their secrets to balancing work and life, particularly as a married couple at the helm of a growing firm. Their story is one of complementing strengths and shared values, where personal style intertwines with client relationships, and where emotional intelligence is just as crucial as design expertise. They also share touching anecdotes that exemplify their deep commitment to crafting spaces that resonate with the stories and lives of those they serve.

Peering into the future, Marcus and Autumn let us in on their upcoming projects and personal milestones. With the anticipated release of their first book and the excitement of welcoming a new addition to the family, they paint a picture of continuous growth—both within their firm and in their personal lives. They impart a vision of expanding their artistic horizons and embracing projects that promise not just visual delight but meaningful experiences, wrapping up our discussion with reflections on family connections and the joy of design work that’s close to the heart.