A Tale of Pottery, Design and Resilience – Charlie Dumais

Charlie Dumais

Journey with us as we step behind the ceramic wheel with Charlie Dumais, a passionate potter and product designer who has transitioned from a career in architectural lighting design. Listen to Charlie unveil the story of Dumais Made – a dream that began as a side gig and bloomed into a thriving business, renowned for its unique ceramic creations. Follow the tale of their growth, the debut of their exciting pieces at the ICFF, and how the pandemic surprisingly provided them with an opportunity to expand their horizons.

In this episode, we venture into the world of specialty collections, bespoke design, and the allure of exclusivity. Hear how Dumais Made collaborates with interesting partners to create custom collections, their unique experience working with the 1818 Collective in Sag Harbor, and the captivating journey behind their commission work and signature pieces. Engage with the fascinating process of crafting exclusivity through their intricate designs and the inherent appeal of their collections.

Peek into Charlie’s personal growth, the challenges he faced, and the profound joy he discovered in hand building. Absorb Charlie’s philosophy of embracing the beauty of imperfections and the invaluable role it plays in their creations. Learn about the influences that shape Dumais Made, from brutalism to mid-century design and JB Blanc, and their vision of creating pieces that harmonize with any environment. So, tune in for an episode filled to the brim with insightful takeaways about ceramic design, architectural aesthetics, and the power of dedication and hard work.