A Fabric of Success: The Story of Mahota Textiles

Mahota Textiles

Embark with us on a remarkable journey into the world of Mahota Textiles, the first tribally owned commercial textile company in the US. This episode promises to take you through the inspiring journey of Joanna John and Bethany McCord, who transformed a simple idea into a successful business. Governed by the support of Chickasaw Governor Bill Anoatubby and the Chickasaw Shark Tank, they started with blankets and gradually ventured into making purses, pillows, and other home goods and accessories. You’ll discover their unique collaboration with the First Americans Art Museum and their venture into the hospitality sector, all while appreciating the profound meaning behind their designs.

Get ready to deepen your understanding of how Mahota Textiles grew and expanded into different sectors. We’ll unearth the ‘it factor’ of Native American artistry and the role of artist collaborations in boosting the company’s exposure and sales. Listen to the fascinating stories behind the Heritage Collection and Tributes Collection and their connection with the nation’s language department. Expect to understand the surge in sales and interest for their line, and how Oklahoma presents significant growth opportunities.

Lastly, we’ll share insights into the future of Mahota Textiles and the impact of the pandemic on their production. Joanna John and Bethany McCord will reveal their success story, the role of social media in keeping their products relevant, and the importance of quality control in their production process. They will discuss the variety of products offered by Mahota Textiles and how the Chickasaw Nation has been a significant supporter. This episode promises to enrich your understanding of the Mahota Textiles family and the importance of Chickasaw’s telling their unique story.